Lots of News: Camp, Midwife Visit, PAIL, and other newsflashes

I know you guys haven’t heard from me in a while, so this post is going to contain quite a lot.

I have been insanely busy and it only gets worse after this.

Last week after a hectic week of school (assessment tests) it was straight onto camp which basically took up my whole weekend. I did have the Monday off but was running around doing stuff (including the midwife visit) plus trying to at least get some work done.

I have to still sort out all the photos from camp (we’re talking over 600 here so I really do some severe editing) plus get going with reports at some point. Only 3 weeks of term left so it really has to start happening soon.

The camp was great by the way. Run by edu tours they are so amazing. We went to the Voortrekker Monument and Freedom Park on the Friday which was awesome – but also quite a lot of contrasts. For those of you not from South Africa the Voortrekker Monument is like a monument to the Afrikaaner nation (people who split up from the English to go on a big trip inland) and fought a lot of battles along the way.  Freedom Park is a monument to the freedom fighters (who basically fought against apartheid and unequal rights). It was so nice to be out and about in the fresh air and see interesting things. Although those stairs at the Voortrekker Monument were very hectic!

We stayed at Ukutula which has lots of game and lions. One of the highlights for all the kids on the Sat was playing with the cubs who were only 4 weeks old. They still had spots on their legs. (I was chuffed because we’d just done a comprehension that week about baby lions that lose their spots as they grow up).

On the Sunday we went to a crocodile and then a snake park. I touched a snake at the snake park!

On Monday I went for my first midwife visit. Dr. K phoned the previous week to cancel the appointment, but had previously recommended the midwife who works with him at his practice and she also does scans. Plus she costs a lot less i.e. half the cost of him.

I think she was also more matter of fact about details like booking the hospital and the 3 D scan, which I did after the appointment.  It’s quite cool when you book your cesar they give you vouchers for the 3D scan and the hospital classes so it was easy to get all that done. I already have the authorization number from Discovery which they could look up on their computer which was cool.

With both Dr. K and Sr. J I have to pee in a bottle and get weighed. She even took out a measuring tape and measured my stomach. According to her baby is right on track and the right size which is good.

She also told me I must go off the Ecotrin meds at the end of May (blood thinners I was on to prevent miscarriage) to prepare for baby’s birth.  Once less pill to swallow, yay! (And I am really taking a lot; I’m talking more vitamins here!)

I also shared with her my concerns about the blood pressure but it seemed to be fine and they will keep monitoring it. I also have a monitor at home but I think I’ll wait until later to do it more regularly (like when I’m really in the third trimester, almost there…)

I’ve also been lucky enough to get more baby stuff. A parent has given me a stroller and my dearest B has been unscrewing it so we can properly wash the material so that it will be super ready for baby.

Yes we still don’t have a name. Although I now have 3 name books.

At some point inspiration will hit.

Just like he keeps hitting me from inside. Or it could really be hiccups as the midwife said. Whatever it is he is moving around a lot.


Well enough about me.


I have been reading a lot of stuff that has been going on in the infertility community. I read a lot of blogs and was kind of sad.

When I heard about PAIL from Elphaba I was pretty excited to find another way to connect. But then I read Mel’s post   from Stirrup Queens (basically the Queen of Infertility Blogrolls who felt a bit insulted that someone else was doing, in part, what she was doing, albeit from a different angle).  I think the worst thing was all the mud that got slung and the people that were hurt. I think specifically of Jjiraffe who wrote some of the most balanced posts on the matter, and received some nasty email.

I think that in any community there is always growth and change.

It just seems like change awakens a lot of fear and raw emotion.

It will be interesting to see how things develop. I will be watching and reading.

In the meantime I was interested to read a variety of posts that Elphaba gathered from this group on breastfeeding.  I was especially chuffed to read there is also someone else out there who also has a La Leche League leader for a mom.  Ah ha! Someone else who has survived! And it looks like she did quite well.


With National Infertility Awareness Week coming up I was struck by their “Don’t ignore” theme. And one of their suggestions was: Don’t ignore each other.

I think this is one of the most valuable things about this community: we are there to support each other. And I really find it terribly sad that we are fighting over stuff like this instead of being supportive.


If you don’t hear from me in a while just know I am still alive, but drowning in reports. And I will keep reading about all of you and commenting where I can!


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